Associate Non-Executive Director Recruitment

Our 2025 Vision

Our goal is to be a world-class centre of clinical and academic achievement, where staff work together to ensure patients receive the highest standards of care and the best people want to come to learn, work and research. We have created a vision document that sets out our vision for the future and our plans to become a successful, competitive partner in the healthcare economy.

2025Vision has been set in the context of national and international trends in demography, technology and globalisation as well as being firmly rooted in the plans of the local health community in North and South Staffordshire.

It is closely aligned with the NHS health plans, which will move care closer to people's homes, increase patient choice and develop regional models for specialist services. Over the last year we have worked with our key stakeholders to ensure our vision for the future is fully supported by NHS partner organisations. To achieve 2025Vision we will be challenged to respond with care and insight to the emerging market for healthcare provision in the UK. At the same time, staying true to our values during a period of rapid reform will be critical to our success.

Achieving organisational and cultural change will also be necessary if we are to be a serious contributor to healthcare innovation globally. In order to invest in tomorrow we must increase our income and minimise our costs today and we will need leadership inside and outside the Trust that understands this imperative. We will also be reliant on the help of others and must be open to working in partnership with outside organisations as well as engaged in a constructive relationship with staff, patients and the public.

You can view our 2025 Vison here