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Our Hospitals

Each year we care for over two million people who come to us for emergency treatment, planned operations and medical care. We are a teaching hospital in partnership with Keele University and we have a patient-centred clinical research facility providing state-of-the-art facilities. Our new £370m hospital became fully operational in 2015.

University Hospital has two sites: Royal Stoke University Hospital, located in Stoke-on-Trent , and County Hospital, located in Stafford (below). County Hospital was built in 1983.

From these hospitals we provide a full range of general acute hospital services for approximately 700,000 people living in and around Staffordshire and beyond. The Trust also provides specialised services, such as Trauma, for three million people in a wider area, including neighbouring counties and North Wales. 

Our specialised services include cancer diagnosis and treatment, cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery, renal and dialysis services, neonatal intensive care and paediatric intensive care. We are also recognised for our particular expertise in trauma, respiratory conditions, spinal surgery, upper gastro-intestinal surgery, complex orthopaedic surgery, laparoscopic surgery and the management of liver conditions. The Trust has some of the most modern operating theatres in Europe.

More than 165,000 patients attend our Accident and Emergency department. Many emergency patients are brought to us from a wide area by both helicopter and land ambulance because of our Major Trauma Centre status. 

Creating modern hospital facilities

Construction work has been completed on a number of major refurbishments to develop improved facilities and services at both County Hospital and Royal Stoke University Hospital. 

This work has been made possible thanks to a historic £250m investment in the University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust following the integration in November 2014 of University Hospital of North Staffordshire and Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust.

£52m has been invested in County Hospital to renovate and enhance patient areas and wards. While around £25m is has been spent at Royal Stoke to provide additional facilities. Another £22m is being spent on improving IT systems and medical equipment.

Now that the work is complete, the Trust boasts two modern hospitals which the people of Staffordshire can be proud of. Click the links below on the left to find out what improvements are taking place at each hospital.

Integrating hospital services

Since November 2014, with the formation of University Hospital of North Midlands (UHNM), a programme of integration has been underway between the Royal Stoke University Hospital and County Hospital, Stafford.

A transition of services between the hospitals, to implement the Trust Special Administration proposed clinical model at County Hospital was completed in October 2015. In addition to this model new services have been introduced at County Hospital for the residents of Stafford, including MRI diagnostics and elective orthopaedics.

Across UHNM, £99,600,000 is being invested in capital projects to support the integration and change in clinical model.  Of this, almost £70,000,000 has been invested in refurbishment, ICT and medical equipment, with the remainder providing an increase in bed numbers at Royal Stoke.

The capital programme at County Hospital, completed in Winter 2017 is delivering the significant benefits for patients, visitors and staff.

  • Ward refurbishment to provide 5 new ward areas for medical and orthopaedic patients, with increased single en-suite bedrooms and supporting accommodation.
  • Emergency Department refurbishment to improve flow and provide distinct adult and child facilities
  • New kidney unit, with improved patient environment and supporting accommodation
  • New daycase haematology and chemotherapy treatment unit with improved patient environment and supporting accommodation
  • New MRI to provide diagnostics closer to home
  • Pathology laboratory Refurbishment