Leadership Appointments

Our Values and Promises

At UHNM we have created a unique set of values and promises which were developed by staff, patients and carers. Our values are: Together, Compassion, Safe and Improving.

Launched at the Trust AGM in October 2017, our refreshed values and promises underpin everything we do and help us to achieve our vision. 

Why do we need values?

97% of the UK’s greatest places to work have organisational values. They put their values at the heart of everything they do and they believe their success is due to their values

  • What makes UHNM unique? What is important at UHNM? Our own organisational values describe this.
  • When we welcome employees to the UHNM family we want people who also ‘live our values’. We can always train them in skills.
  • Our values and promises influence how the staff here at UHNM act; we will feel it and our patients will feel it.
  • We need to be recruiting people against our values and need to be holding people to account.
  • They inspire people into action. People take positive action because they aspire to live up to our values and feel safe and empowered to innovate as a result.
  • We are striving to achieve our Vision – how we do this successfully will be by living our values
  • Simply put, they shape our organisational culture, if we love them, then we will live them!


  • We are a Team – I will be considerate, help others to achieve our goals and support others to make positive changes
  • We are Appreciative – I will acknowledge and thank people for their efforts and contributions
  • We are Inclusive – I will be open and honest, welcome people’s views and opinions and involve people in decisions that affect them


  • We are Supportive – I will be empathetic and reassuring. I will support and encourage people when they need it
  • We are Respectful – I will treat people fairly, with respect and dignity, protect their privacy and help them to feel comfortable
  • We are Friendly – I will be welcoming and approachable. I will make eye contact, say hello and introduce myself


  • We Communicate Well – I will explain clearly, share relevant and timely information and keep people updated
  • We are Organised – I will plan ahead, manage my time well and be prompt in what I do
  • We Speak Up – I will contribute to ensuring healthy and constructive feedback for all so we can feel safe to challenge inappropriate care and behaviour and promote our values


  • We Listen – I will welcome people’s views and ideas, invite people to ask questions and share their opinions and respond to what I hear
  • We Learn – I will share best practice, celebrate good performance and support others to use their skills, learn and grow
  • We Take Responsibility – I will have a positive attitude, act and encourage people to take the initiative and make improvements